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A Step-by-Step Guide for Administrative Assistant Resume

Administrative Assistant Resume

A Step-by-Step Guide for Administrative Assistant Resume

Do you dream to work in the administration? The job role of an administrative assistant can be a baby step towards your ultimate goal. In fact, professionals consider this job role as the stepping stone to the world of administrative duties. Through this job role, you get acquainted with the reality of administrative responsibilities and actions. But there is a crucial step to land the job. Do you know what it is? It is the resume! You need to build impressive resume content alongside honing your skill to grab the job offer among several candidates. 

Administrative Assistant – Understanding the job role

Before helping you understand the best ways of writing an Administrative assistant resume, understand what the job role is. Writing a resume for a specific job requires a thorough analysis of the roles and responsibilities of the job. You need to research well before putting the relevant skills in the resume. The elementary responsibility of this job role is to assist in various admin operations. The job role includes clerical duties and management responsibilities. You have to keep organized documentation for meetings, social media inquiries, conferences, invoices, and many more. 

Types of Administrative Assistant Resume – There can be 2 types of resumes for the job role. Entry-level and senior admin assistant. In both cases, the resume content format and approach are similar. The difference is in the information presented in the resume material. For entry-level profiles, you can stress the skills and qualifications. In contrast, for an experienced person, applying for senior admin assistant must focus on highlighting the work experience and on-job accomplishments. 

The apt format for Administrative Assistant Resume

Understanding the apt format for an admin assistant resume is not too difficult. You can find more than one Administrative assistant resume sample on the online websites. But you have to follow the standard examples that maintain a professional approach in presenting the resume content. Do not copy the content from any sample or example because it can negatively impact your first impression of a recruiter. While sending the resume over an email, always use PDF format as the first choice. However, if there is any specific information on the file format, follow that. 

Header and Career objective in the resume

Maintain the right order at the beginning of the resume. Start with the name and include contact information. If you want, include the URL of your LinkedIn profile. Write a profile summary or career objective as an intro of the resume. Make it compact and finish the introduction within three lines. You can review examples or consult a professional to write the best Administrative assistant resume objective

Work experience in the resume

Candidates applying for senior job roles must include their work experience in the resume content. Represent the details of your previous work experiences and job roles. Mention the tenure of working, company name, and on-job duties. You can also mention the achievements and acclaims if any. Do not make it prolonged as it may not make the right impression.  

Skills to highlight on Administrative Assistant Resume

Every job role requires specific skills and talent. For the admin assistant job, you have to showcase the relevant skills. Communication and organizational skills are crucial for this job. You can include other skills and highlight them by using bullets in the content. Please do not overdo it by highlighting multiple parts. 

  • Hard and soft skills essential for the job role – Appointment setting, problem-solving, attention to detail, research skills, calendar management, data entry, MS-office skills, email management, etc. 
  • Optimizing qualifications section in an Administrative Assistant Resume – Customize the resume content to make it apt for the job. You do not have to emphasize academic brilliance but, do not forget to mention the essential information. Especially for freshers in the field, do not exaggerate your academic reports and explain them compactly. Add the certification details in the additional section of the resume content. Only mention your degrees in the qualifications section of the resume. 

An ATS-friendly administrative assistant CV 

For making an Administrative assistant resume ATS-friendly, you have to use the relevant keywords wisely. Every job profile has a few significant keywords that help in resume scanning. The keywords are mostly skills and terms relevant to the job responsibility. Maintain the apt chronological order of resume content and use the following keywords to make your resume better than the rest – 

  • Management Skills – Enhancing Quality, Prioritizing Tasks, Problem Solving, Quality Control
  • Administrative Skills – Adaptability, Presentation Slides, Dependability, Maintaining Confidentiality, Managing Databases, Proofreading Documents
  • Organizational Skills – Consistently Meeting Deadlines, Highly Organized, Learning New Technology Quickly, Organizing Meetings, Streamlining Processes, Time Management
  • Communication Skills – Resolving Complaints, Screening Calls and Visitors, Verbal Communication

7 Resume Writing Tips for Administrative Assistants – 

  1. Review examples: Administrative assistant resume examples will help you understand the best ways to write the content and make a smart impression on the recruiter. 
  2. Use a template: Several resume templates are available online, from where you can select. Find a suitable one that matches the requirements for the specific job role. 
  3. Include achievements: Mention the educational achievements and on-job acclaims in the resume, if any. It helps in making the resume content distinct from the rest. 
  4. Include references: If the company asks for a reference, ensure to put them appropriately. Add acceptable references and mention their contact resources. However, if the company does not ask for a reference, then you can include the line “references available upon request.”
  5. Watch the length: Try to keep the resume content within a page. A lengthy resume often gets rejected if the content is not accurately represented. 
  6. Include cover letter: Experienced candidates can include a cover letter to create a better impression. It may increase your chances of selection if written well.  
  7. Review it thoroughly: Read the resume content multiple times for checking grammatical errors. It is best to get the resume content checked by a professional or ask them to write the content on your behalf. 

Writrox – Expert assistance in resume writing

Get in touch with the professional resume writing team of Writrox. Land your dream job with the best Administrative assistant resume content that creates a positive impression at one glance. With the resume experts, generate ATS-friendly resume content and, secure the position of an admin assistant.  

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