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Give wings to your career

with an Ideal cover letter

Professional cover letter writing services in India

A cover letter is a vital element that conveys your distinct skills and experience. The cover letter allows you to convey your narrative before you have a chance to get an interview with the hiring manager. A cover letter is essential for students to apply for universities, fresh job seekers, professionals looking for career-advancing, and senior-level management professionals. It is crucial to make a good impression in the eyes of the recruiting manager, this single document provides a preliminary perspective about you to HR managers and prospective employers. It is very important for you to craft a credible cover letter when applying for a new position and to modify your resume according to the organization to which you are applying. People seeking a job often forget to draft a cover letter they leave it for the last minute and write anything that comes to the mind in an insufficient time and leave out relevant and valuable details.

Remember not everyone who applies for the job gets invite for an interview. You need to grab the recruiter’s attention right from the first round of selection, make use of an effective cover letter to draw recruiters’ attention towards you. If you don’t know how to craft one, no worries. We offer the best professional cover letter writing services in India. We have the best professional writers in the industry to craft you an amazing cover letter that would catch the recruiter’s attention and will land you interviews. At writrox we carefully scrutinize the candidate’s experience, and skills before crafting a cover letter.Our professional team of writers at Writrox will carefully embed keywords in the cover letter, modify it as per organization and role. We fill your cover letter with positive energy that will make the recruiters feel you are the right person for the job.We wouldn’t leave the line without giving you the finest cover letter which will give an edge to your job application. Let us manage your cover letter!

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How It Works

#1.Upload your Details

Upload all your professional details and old records to our confidential and reliable servers.

#2. We Analyze your Requirements

Our Professional Writers will contact you to discuss your needs in greater depth to draft you a perfect cover letter.

#3. The First Draft of your Cover Letter Delivered

We’ll evaluate your profile and optimize it according to your industry, potential job openings and deliver you a first draft of the cover letter.

#4.Final Delivery after Iterations

We take into consideration if any modifications are needed and deliver your approved cover letter and offer unrestricted revisions!

#5.Cover letter Storage for easy access

We’ll also save your final cover letter to a personalized, easy-to-remember URL that you can navigate at any time and from any smartphone!

Professional cover letter writing services in India

We write research-based, analytically tailored Cover letters to help you easily land the Interview Call. We will work with you and help you find the job of your dreams! We at Writrox provide professional Cover letter writing services by our dedicated writers which will give you an edge in your job application.

A Simple, 5-Step Collaborative Writing Process

Step 1
Start Your Order

Connect with our executive to know more about resume packages as per your skills and experience for starting your order or interest.

Step 2 — We'll Tease Out Your Achievements

Once you choose the right package, then our executives will connect with you for complete information to start building the first draft of the resume.

Step 3
Receive The First Draft

You will receive the first draft passing through writers, proofreaders, and industry experts based on your skills and experience.

Step 4
Provide Feedback

You can then give your feedback to the first draft and give opinions, suggestions, and ideas to add more credibility to the first draft.

Step 5
Receive All Documents

Get your final resume in all formats (DOC, PDF) after multiple rechecks and start preparing for your interview.

Let Us WOW You

Merely having a degree is not enough to kick start a good career. It is important to have great skills and a great profile and for that, you need a strong job application that has a killer CV and a great cover letter to showcase you and your resume. You focus on your career goals leave your resume and cover letter to us! Want to land up a good job? Advance your career? The key to turning dreams into reality is action. Right here will be the start of it!

Cover Letter Drafting

The hunt for cover letter service stops here, offering a top-notch cover letter driven with energy, passion, and keywords for a suitable job.

Tailored Accordingly

Cover letter modified as per organization's needs and the specific role applied for.

Strong Cover Letter

A cover letter describes who you are professionally and personally, this is the first to create an impression on you and your CV.

promoting Your Cover Letter

Creating a strong, powerful and memorable- tagline and summary to make it unforgettable among the patrons!

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What Our Client says about us

I suck at writing and when it came down to drafting a cover letter while applying for jobs, I had shivers running down my spine, I knew it was not my piece of cake. Until that day I had no idea about Curriculum vitae or cover letter services. I ran some searches on google to get some ideas on writing a good cover letter and accidentally came across professional cover letter writing services in Quora. I started looking up for them according to my budget and Writrox just fell under my radar. I could not believe I would get such a great customized cover letter at such an affordable price. Thanks to writrox team for helping me out with my letter.
Aditya Kalra
I started searching for a job last year and due to the covid situation, everything is going virtually. I started mailing my curriculum vitae for the job openings in the hope of landing up any interview but to my bad, I received rejection after rejection. Thankfully my brother stepped in and suggested getting my resume and cover letter done by Writrox since mine were bad. He had got his resume done by writrox two years back and was happy with it, I went with his advice; a good resume and cover letter were in my hand within a couple of days. I started applying for jobs immediately and when I received a response is when I understood how a good resume and cover letter can change your career.
Amala Sehgal
Marketing Analyst
So happy with my Cover letter, I did not expect such a great job from your team. I was blown away by your work. The cover letter looks great your service saved a lot of my time. I was looking for a career advancement opportunity and was in need of a good cover letter and an updated resume I handover the job to writrox after a lot of thinking and I'm impressed. I would undoubtedly suggest your service to anyone in need of a resume or cover letter.
Lakshmi Mistry
Managing Director

Cover Letter Writing Services:

Cover Letter gives you the additional benefit of being a potential candidate for the job.The impressive description of your work experience, skills, technical knowledge, abilities, and enthusiasm will persuade an HR mindset. The greatest of candidates often fail to get the job only because their demonstration has low value or it does not describe their abilities at best. 

Writrox cover letters fulfil all your requirements. Our writers can write exclusive cover letters. With an experience of 9+ years, we are writing a cover letter for you which will grab your recruiter’s attention in one instant. 

Lots of Question in your mind??
No, problem. We are here to answer all of them.

Cover Letter and Resume should be in harmony to represent your personal skills, qualifications, and experience. A Cover letter is a more comprehensive package of your highlighted information from the resume. It should be unique, fresh, exciting, and give readers a way to connect with your personality, job profile, and career path.

There are several benefits associated with using a cover letter Comprehensive aspects: A Cover Letter can elaborately explain your career path, decisions, gaps, skills, success, and future endeavors Resume with its short bullet point explanations.  Communication: A cover letter shows your communication skills to the recruiters. Interest: Writing a cover letter adds more reliability, interests, and value to your candidature.

There are many basic differences between the Cover letter and resume.
A Cover Letter is more focused on the current job profile while the Resume cover all the aspects Cover Letters are primarily written in paragraph forms while in Resume information is presented in bullet points. Cover letters are written in a subjective tone in the first person while the Resume is written a more objective tone in the third person.

Overall, Cover Letters are more personal and job description-focused, showing your research and capabilities to the HR teams. While resumes are short, to the points, bullet marked skills, and

Cover Letters are generally written short from a half-page to one full page. These days, the employer will ask beforehand to give a short description of yourself in 250 or 300 words to demonstrate your career path

In simple words, yes you should. The Cover letter represents your personality, skills, and complete career path. You can start first few lines about yourself and then elaborate to match with specific job skills and specifications.


Here are the main things you should avoid in your Cover letter.

Too much personal information

Writing long descriptive job experience

Copying your resume words

Grammar and typos

Irrelevant information

Wrong format

Hiring a professional cover writing service can reduce your task and help you achieve your potential precisely.

Cover letters are written to match with resume and job requirements. Application Cover letter, Email Cover letter, letter of interest, and networking cover letter are the main types of cover letters.

Application Cover letters are the ones to match with job specifications.

Email Cover Letters are the ones to complement your attached resume in the mail.

Expression of Interest; is the one for the companies/individuals for collaborations. 

Networking Cover Letters are the ones to connect with your network for better job opportunities, appreciation letters, or any future endeavors.


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