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How to Upgrade to an Executive Resume

Do you know when it’s appropriate to upgrade from a standard resume to an executive resume? There are a few subtle differences, but when presented for certain types of positions, they will speak volumes.

An objective statement is typically located at the top of a standard resume. This is where a person will describe what they are looking for in a job and any expectations they may have. An executive resume will begin with a paragraph that highlights the candidate’s strongest points, often in bullet points, as well as what that candidate can do for a company.

Executive resumes should be at least two pages long and no more than four. This is because they may have extensive education, publications, or awards. Furthermore, the wording and structure will be far more sophisticated than standard resumes.

When you have attained a certain level of experience, education, awards, or achievements in your career that will allow you to pursue more executive-level positions, it is time to start using an executive resume. It is pointless to submit a standard resume when the position requires a more professional applicant. Don’t forget to convert your standard resume to an executive resume.

What if you have no prior executive experience?

If you’re planning to take on your first executive role, don’t worry; every executive has had to do so at some point. Examine your current and previous roles to determine which skills and outcomes will translate well into executive positions. Then, construct your CV around them. If you don’t currently influence large-scale change on a daily basis, emphasize change management skills gained during a one-time project.

Remember that a CV is as much about what you don’t say as it is about what you do. If 80 percent of your work did not require executive responsibilities and skills, concentrate on the remaining 20%. Because this is your personal sales document, focus on the details that will sell you. The car salesman will tell you about a car’s low operating costs but not about its faulty brakes; apply the same logic to your CV!

What Recruiters Look for in a Resume

• Are you a good leader with all of the necessary job skills?

• Does your position remain consistent and strong throughout your resume?

• Are you a good fit not only in the short term but also in the long term?

• Do you have a strong personal brand that aligns with the company’s?

• Can you make an impact, and do you have evidence that you can lead to success?

Top 4 Sections of Your Resume

1. Properly formatted summary,

2. succinct, and impactful career history section,

3. tailored to the particular job and skills that are custom,

4. sections for your education and certifications

The first step in landing an executive position is getting an interview. You must ensure that your documents speak volumes about who you are and what abilities you possess for the interview. To avoid being overlooked, this demands having a strong resume and, if at all possible, an updated LinkedIn profile. Additionally, one must make sure that the content of their work is noteworthy. Since you never know when an opportunity will come knocking, keep your skills sharp by keeping up with everything relevant—from technological developments to business standards—to ensure success at any job interview.

1. A brief executive summary

It is critical for any executive resume to include a statement that provides an overall picture of how you will add value to the organisation. The best place to start is at the very top of your resume. It’s your first opportunity to highlight your best overarching qualities that are relevant to the job at hand. Because attention spans are ever-shrinking, it is critical that your statement not be overly wordy. Executives are straightforward and direct. For instance, if you are aware that the organisation to which you are applying requires new leadership, you should consider the qualities they are seeking in their new leader. Your relevant experience and how you meet the requirements with examples from prior employment that are a perfect fit for this opportunity should both be included in the executive summary. Make your executive summary a personal statement that you will feel comfortable discussing during the interview process.

2. Core Competencies and Credentials on top 

It’s a good idea to list your top skills and any pertinent credentials after your summary at the top of your CV. Moving important skills to the top is a simple fix that helps you focus your strengths in one area. Placing your most important qualities at the top ensures that they are not overlooked. As mentioned in the first point, the top of your resume is a magnet for recruiters’ attention. If you’re having trouble deciding which skills to prioritise, take a look at the job description. Working backwards is sometimes the best option. Include the job description’s specific skills that correspond to your own experience. Your credentials and core competencies should support your executive summary. You should spend about 80% of your time working on and reworking the content of your resume and 20% of your time polishing the design.

3. Concentrate on Your Recent Work Experience

Most resumes are organised in chronological order, beginning with the oldest. However, executive resumes differ in that you want to highlight your most recent experience. Experts advise against going back more than 15 years. Put your most recent positions first. They will be most relevant to your job search. Include details about the business and how your contributions impacted it as well. Include any statistics that have proven your ability to deliver results, such as revenue generated over the course of one year while making certain projections about future performance. These statistics will highlight your area of strength.

4. Education Should Come Last

One of your best selling points early in your career is your degree. Your current experience will be more valuable in a few years. When you are ready to advance to the level of executive, your recent experience will demonstrate your knowledge and expertise far more than your degree. While there are exceptions, such as advanced, late-career degrees or prominent skills, general education should be placed at the bottom of your resume, on the second page. If the recruiter or hiring manager has any knowledge or experience with your alma mater, this is another excellent opportunity to strike up a conversation.

Is it necessary for me to hire an executive resume writer?

Your resume/CV is one document that will stick with you throughout your career. Your resume must evolve along with you as a professional. If you find that writing your own resume is too difficult or time-consuming, you should consider using a resume writing service. Writrox offers top-tier executive resume writing services and executive LinkedIn profile writing services. With resume writers with 15+ years of experience who can turn the straw of your current resume into career gold. Building a personal brand that highlights your accomplishments will increase your chances of being noticed by top-tier executive recruiters, and Writrox is here to help.

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