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What is the Difference Between Resume and Linkedin Profile. 

There is no need to create an official CV if you already have a LinkedIn page. Is a LinkedIn resume enough to land you a job?

Even though some of their tasks may overlap, the two have contrasting purposes. You’ll probably update and publish your CV while actively chasing work. However, the main objective of LinkedIn is to create a professional network; while a new job may come, this is often not the only objective.

Have you ever second-guessed a resume component when deciding whether to include it on your LinkedIn profile?

Still, Confused about the supposed differences between the two? If you want to learn about the best writing practices and methods for LinkedIn and resumes, keep reading.

1. Several resumes in comparison to a single LinkedIn profile

It is standard practice for creating a resume or LinkedIn profile to create many versions of the document to accommodate the various possibilities accessible in the professional world. However, you shouldn’t have more than one LinkedIn profile.

People searching for you will become confused if you have multiple profiles, which will reduce the number of connections you have. Additionally, it may turn into a nightmare for managing accounts. How can you make sure you don’t forget any invitations? And when looking for a specific connection, which of your accounts should you look through first? 

It is crucial to note that your LinkedIn profile, which is the only one you have, can reach more people than your CV. Strike a healthy balance between the necessity to tailor your profile to your target clientele or line of business and your capacity to connect with more people. 

If not, you can attract unwelcome attention since there is a significant discrepancy between how you market yourself on LinkedIn and how you do so on your CV (or in your current position).

2. Your CV should have a formal tone, whereas LinkedIn should have a social one:

Your resume should be considered one of the most formal documents you will ever need to create. Each word should be carefully chosen for its capacity to make an impact and its relevance because space on the page is scarce and expensive. The resume’s strength resides in both its organizational structure and word choice.

LinkedIn, however, was built primarily as a social network. Your tone might be less professional and more conversational since the value of LinkedIn is in the connections you build with other individuals. Although it is customary for professionals to speak about themselves in the first person, as in “I established this company,” this is not something that belongs on a resume.

People read differently while reading from a hard copy document as opposed to reading from a computer screen. Another important comparison is this one. The reader scans an online profile for headlines and bullet points to swiftly scan through. Consider the reader’s comfort when creating the presentation.

3. A Brief CV and a more comprehensive LinkedIn Profile

In your resume, professional experience and all sections are in a single or two pages of paper. In contrast, LinkedIn gives you more space; you can use it as a longer-form CV with room for examples and even anecdotes.

Keep in mind that it is easy to overdo it and create a LinkedIn resume that is too lengthy to be of any help, so try to avoid using too many words.

Your CV is regarded as “final” and unchanging, whereas your LinkedIn page is dynamic and ever-evolving.

You can change the headline or particular phrases in your resume by going back and making the necessary changes. Every time you hit “save” and email your resume to a recruiter, it is seen as “final” for that engagement. Your résumé should always be current.

On the other hand, your LinkedIn profile is a creation that is being updated regularly and is more precise. Keeping it updated and up to date is essential for your success in online networking. Utilize the ability to post blog entries, including links to your projects and portfolios, and create blog posts to promote your expertise in your sector and portray yourself as a capable professional.

4. While it is not necessary for the CV, an optimized LinkedIn profile does require your photo:

According to the professional standards currently in force in the United States and across globe, you are not required to include a photo of yourself on your resume. In actuality, refraining from doing so is advised.

On the other hand, you must include a photo for your LinkedIn resume to be as effective as possible. If at all possible, try to set up a professional photographer to take your pictures. Students and aspiring photographers looking to build their portfolios are two options that won’t break the bank, and local studios are another great place to start. The idea that you are personable, competent, influential, and knowledgeable should come over in your writing.

5. When choosing an image for your LinkedIn profile, you should abide by the following rules:

Put on your most professional attire (something you would wear for an important meeting at work).

No particular background will be more effective than another; all that is required is that it be professional and not detract from your face (a bar is not an appropriate background unless you are a bartender).

Create your CV with the help of professional resume writers that can help you land the right job. LinkedIn also allows the user to reach out socially to their connections. Both can serve your purpose of getting a job, and you need to see which one can work for improving your career scope.

You should use a more complete LinkedIn Profile Writing Services to shine your present skills and experience to get more calls from top MNCs around the world. At Writrox offer end-to-end solutions to resume writing, cover letter writing, and founder profiles to help youngsters ready for future challenges.

Rahul Ranjan

Rahul Ranjan, the visionary founder of Writrox Solution Private Limited, leads a pioneering company focused on revolutionizing the professional trajectories of numerous job seekers. Demonstrating steadfast dedication to empowering individuals in their career pursuits, Rahul has been instrumental in reshaping the futures of more than 10,000 job seekers through inventive solutions and strategic insights. Notably, Rahul Ranjan is prominently featured and has secured the top position in the list of "15 Inspiring Indian Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023

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