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Top 10 Best Fonts for CVs in 2024

best fonts for cv

A CV represents your personality and experience which can be of great use to an employer. A well-written CV can help you stand out from a crowd. It’s important to get your CV right – a well-written one can mean the difference between getting a job and being rejected.

 For example, Helvetica looks great on a CV but looks very similar to Times New Roman, so if you use both, your CV will look like other CVs.

CV’s are documents used to display information about relevant education, work experience and skills. But this is only possible if you use the right fonts for your CV. The font you choose for your resume is one of the most important decisions you make when creating your resume. Nowadays there are lots of free fonts available on the internet that help you create a perfect CV – just make sure not to use an inappropriate font.

Today we are talking about 10 best fonts for resume in 2024. A resume is a short document that gives information about your education and work experience. It is usually prepared in a format that the employer can easily read and professional cv writing should also be taken care of while building your CV for job

How to choose a Font for Your Resume? – Best Fonts for Resume

  • If you want recruiters to notice your application, don’t use any outdated fonts on your resume. Instead, choose something unique and eye-catching. First, make sure it’s easy to read but still specific enough that recruiters will sift through hundreds of resumes at once and take immediate notice
  • Second, you need to choose a font that matches your overall resume. If you use the standard Arial or Times New Roman font on your resume, stick with that. But if you want something unusual or creative, go ahead and use it!
  • Finally, don’t go too crazy with your fonts color or style. Offer traditional styles that are simple for the eyes and will not distract from your accomplishments or experiences.

1. Bitter

Bitter is a modern serif font that will help you create a unique and memorable CV and one of the best fonts for resume, as well as make it stand out from the crowd. This font is best used for describing your skills and experience, because it’s easy on the eyes and helps draw attention to important information.

2. Montserrat

Montserrat is a typeface designed by type designer Victor Caruso for his wife Laura Meseguer in 2004. It was inspired by her name (Montsérrat) and looks great at all sizes from small print to large banners. It has been used in many places including Amazon Australia, Yahoo! Finance and Netflix. If you want a neat, clean look, then Montserrat is definitely worth trying out!

3. Roboto Condensed

Roboto Condensed is a sans-serif font designed by Christian Robertson in 2010 which was inspired by old school signage such as painted signs on walls or hand-painted signs on storefronts etc… A lot of people use this font when they design their CV because it has both serifs (little lines at the ends of letters)

4. Georgia

Georgia is known for its elegance and beauty when used for writing essays or other types of documents. However, this does not mean that it cannot be used on CVs! The font gives off a professional feel that makes it perfect for use on your CV. It also has a bit more personality than some other fonts on this list making it stand out as different from others!

5.  Times New Roman

Times New Roman is the most widely used font in the world. It is a clear and classic font, suitable for any kind of document. Easy-to-read serif font makes it perfect for your CV. The timeless design makes it great to use in any job application.

6. Tahoma

The Tahoma font creates a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. It’s simple and creates a sense of friendliness and happiness. A simple, clean look, Tahoma creates a fun and relaxing general vibe. It’s the brightly written font that brings your CV to life!

7. Helvetica

Helvetica is a sans-serif typeface that is both beautiful and bold. This font maintains an air of professionalism so it never feels tacky or unprofessional. It’s one of the most popular fonts for both print and digital media because it’s versatile and always looks great.

8. Arial Black

Arial is the best font to use for your CV. It’s a simple, easy-to-use font that makes it easy for employers to read your CV. It looks modern and professional, so it gives your CV an instant professional look without looking too corporate! Arial is a difference-maker. This familiar font will make your resume look more appealing with its clean, graceful lines.

9. Cambria – 

This is very useful and mostly preferred font for creating a professional CV. It’s widely available across all platforms and devices, which makes it a good choice if you’re sending your CV as an attachment with an email or uploading it online.

10. Futura

Futura is another sans-serif typeface that makes a great choice for your CV design because it looks simple yet modern and professional. The thin strokes make it easier to read as well as look more modern than some other sans-serif fonts like Helvetica or Arial which may be overused in CV designs or feel too ‘old school’ for some industries or positions.

Why A Good Format in CV is important?

When you are writing a CV, you need to understand that it is not just a list of your work experience and skills. You need to be able to write a CV that is going to catch the attention of employers.

A good format can also help when applying for jobs online. If you want to apply for jobs online, then having a good CV format is essential because most of the time, employers will only take into consideration those applicants who have submitted their CVs in the correct format.

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Here are some reasons why having a good format in CV is so important:

It shows that you care about your appearance and career advancement
It shows that you are organized and have good time management skills
A well-formatted resume is important because it shows the employer that you are organized, professional, and detail-oriented.
The wrong format can lead to your resume being overlooked by recruiters, and even worse, being thrown out altogether.
It is very important to write a CV that is well-formatted, as it will make the reader more likely to notice your credentials
It shows that you take initiative and have done some effort for creating your CV
It shows that you are detail-oriented and do in depth work.


We hope this curated list of top 10 Best Fonts for CVs in 2024 helps you easily find the fonts so you can use it in your CV design. Whether we like it or not, fonts are important. A good font will help you make a professional first impression that can be hard to forget. In turn, finding the right CV font can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to begin.

This guide will show you what fonts to look for, so that you can start building your new professional identity today. Moreover professional Resume writers like Writrox are creating a change for people in their professional lives. They have the best of team for creating professional Cv for your job post and if you also want to create a professional resume then you can definitely get in touch with them.

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