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The master-guide for creating a Video Resume Script

Video Resume script

The master-guide for creating a Video Resume

Video Resume

A video resume is a video of around 60-seconds that a person creates for employment to get hired in companies. You can upload it either on the internet or share its link by mail directly to the employers. It is an easier and digitized way of sharing your resume. 

Instead of spending so much time reading lengthy traditional resumes, the recruiter can comfortably look at a short video resume. A creative video resume promotes you as a job seeker and it includes all the things which are included in a traditional written resume but in the video form. It is also known as video CV or Visume. 

To pass the visume test the candidate needs to impress the employer in the first 6 seconds.

what is a video Resume?Why do we need it?

Usually, an employer spends less than 10 seconds while looking at a resume. But a video resume helps you stand out among a sea of candidates applying for the same job. It is a modern and innovative way of making your resume, and it also simplifies the hiring process for the job seeker and the recruiter. 

Instead of spending hours writing tiring and bland resumes, you can record a creative professional video recording to showcase your abilities. It displays your innovative traits. You can show your additional skills, which you might not have been able to offer, using the traditional written resume. Along with this, it intensifies the process of job searching. 

What do you say in a video resume?

When you’re making a video resume script , try to keep it interactive and engaging. Try to use your creative side. You should be specific in what you’re choosing to say in those 60-90 seconds as it can make or break your chance to get your dream job. Talk about your qualifications, skills, employment history, work experience, and list your accomplishments. Don’t forget to add job-specific skills to your video resume. In addition to this, mention your contact details for prospective recruiters.

How to create an impressive video resume?

You can look at a video resume as a short one-side video interview, including all the things a typical traditional resume includes in the video form. Here are some tips which you can follow to create a selection-oriented video resume. 

  • You should make sure that the content that you’re putting in your video resume is related to the job that you’re applying for. 
  • Your language, outfit, and the matter that you’re speaking in the resume should be job-appropriate.
  • To keep your video resume engaging and interesting, you can think of it as storytelling. You can share your employment history and accomplishments from your past to impress the employer; this will portray you as the perfect candidate for the job.
  • You should aim to keep the video concise and clear. The video shouldn’t be more than 90 seconds long. Before recording the video, you can practice in front of the mirror. 
  • Be extremely specific about the skills that the job demands. Mention your qualities in a way that highlights the ones which are required for the job. End your video with your contact information or your LinkedIn profile etc.
  • When you’re recording your video resume, try to keep it as professional as you can. If your video resume comes as unprofessional to the hirer, it can cost you the job. 

It can be quite challenging to make a video resume as it is different from the traditional way of making a resume. So, it would be best to hire video resume professionals who can help you make an impressive video resume script in such cases.

Resume writing services in Mumbai are among the best service providers out there when making a video resume. They offer a range of services that assist you while making your video resume.

Video Resume script

What services do resume writing services in Mumbai offer?

Resume writing services in Mumbai provide you with a wide array of services to create a video resume. Their services include video resume script writing for you to follow when you’re making your videos. They assist you in professionally recording your video. In addition to this, they provide editing facilities. With the help of resume writing services in Mumbai, you can write an admirable video resume without breaking a set.

What to avoid while recording a video resume script?

As mentioned earlier, it might not leave a good impression on the employer if your video resume seems unprofessional. Here are few simple tips which you can follow to avoid these mistakes which people generally make while creating a video resume:

  • Don’t go too deep when providing information about yourself. Keep it brief, simple, and relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • Don’t provide personal information like your social media address on your video resume. However, you can include your LinkedIn profile link at the end of your video resume.
  • Not all recruiters are fond of video resumes, so make sure you also have a written resume along with it. Writox, can help you write a traditional resume along with a video resume.
Play Video about video resume


A video resume is a unique way of showcasing your capabilities. Using a video resume instead of a letter resume boosts your chances of being hired as it helps you stand out. To enhance your video resume, it would be best if you consult a professional. There are very different resume writing services available on the internet offer impeccable services. 

Writox provides the best resume writing services in Mumbai is among the most outstanding companies that provide you with services to make your resume look impressive. The services offered include reviewing and providing you with professional advice.

If you choose Writox, you can be sure to land your dream job as it can increase your chances of up to 40% of being hired and called for an interview. So, for which thing are you waiting for? Just get in touch and book a free consultation with the professionals of Writox right away.

Rahul Ranjan

Rahul Ranjan is the founder of Writrox Solution Private Limited, a Creative Writing company dedicated to transforming the professional journeys of countless individuals seeking employment. With unwavering commitment, to empowering people in their career endeavors Rahul has played a role in shaping the futures of, over 15,000 job seekers through solutions and strategic insights. It's worth noting that Rahul Ranjan holds a position and has been recognized as one of the entrepreneurs to watch in 2023 among 15 inspiring Indian entrepreneurs.

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