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Interesting facts about resume, Human resource management and Interviews

Interesting facts about resume

Facts about Resumes

A resume is a formal document that a job seeker creates to list his or her qualifications for a specific employment. A resume is frequently accompanied by a personalized cover letter in which the candidate indicates interest in a particular job or organization and highlights the most important details on the resume.

Here are some facts about resume’s:

Recruiters spend 5 to 7 seconds on average going over resumes.
76% of the resumes are rejected due to an unprofessional email address.
88% of the resumes are rejected due to a picture on the resume
79 % of job seekers believe they are likely to use social media in their job hunt, with 86 % of younger job searchers saying they are likely to use it.
On average, 250 resumes are sent for each corporate job opening. Only 4 of those are called up for an interview and finally only one will be selected.
Most of the resumes are sent digitally via mail [ about 90 %]
A single typo on your resume can take your dream job away. Recruiters will discard a resume if it has mistakes, according to 61% of them. Applicants with spelling problems will be disqualified by 43% of hiring supervisors.
The percentage of resumes and job applications with inaccuracies is 53%
70% of college students surveyed said they would put false information on a resume to land a job.
Recruiters use LinkedIn to screen applicants in 87 percent of cases.
Employers prefer applicants with job experience 91 percent of the time, and 65 percent of the time, they prefer candidates with relevant work experience.
45 percent of the total  of the workforce are Millennials now, making them the most well-represented generation.
Salary mismatch is one of the biggest reasons why 50% of the job opportunities are not filled.
Professional career advancement and developing chances are crucial to 87 percent of Millennials in a job.
Nearly 80% of Millennials are looking for people who fit their company’s culture, followed by career opportunities.
According to 50% of the employees company is image is important to them and they would choose it over higher pay

Interesting facts about Human resource management

  • 60 % of job applicants abandon their applications: Some job applications are extremely lengthy and complicated, which can deter job searchers. They thought the application was too difficult and complex, so 60% of them abandoned the onboarding process.
  • After a poor interview, 83 % of candidates change their minds and decide not to get employed there while After a positive interview, 87 % of applicants change their minds and decide that they want to be employed there.
  • Software is used by 75% of talent and hiring managers. The majority of HR professionals seemed to have gone digital. The reason for this is straightforward: recruiting software simplifies the onboarding process and data access. As a result, it’s no surprise that three out of four HR employees have begun to use the programme in their everyday activities.
  • Employee data is analyzed by 70% of businesses. Most firms employ data and statistics in human resource management with the help of software development. This is a growing trend, and it appears that within the next several years, every organization will be adopting employee and recruiting software.
  • 96 % say empathy is the key to success. When we examine employee retention numbers, we can see that people place a high value on empathy. Even 96 % of people believe that recognizing and being aware of others’ emotions is a critical component of employee morale and retention.
  • Employees that are engaged are 21 % more profitable. Keeping employees interested and motivated can help a company earn more money, and some studies show that engaged people are 21 % more profitable than demotivated employees.
  • After a worker quits, the company loses 33 percent of their annual compensation. Every employer understands the costs of recruiting, training, and onboarding new staff. Companies invest a significant amount of time and money in ensuring that a person who has decided to leave the company is adequately replaced. According to certain research, losing an employee can cost a company up to 33% of their annual compensation.
  • If they feel underappreciated at work, 34% will leave. People want to be appreciated, recognized, and respected in their jobs, according to another set of human resource statistics. 34 percent of people will start looking for a new employment because they feel undervalued.

92 percent of managers believe they are performing admirably. There’s one HR statistic in particular that’s worth noting among the many available for small businesses. Almost every manager, 92 out of 100, believes they are managing their employees well. The fact that only 67 percent of workers agree with this conclusion makes it much more amusing.

Interesting Facts about interviews

An interview lasts about 40 minutes on average.
In a survey of 2000 interviewers, 33% indicated they know whether or not they will hire the candidate within the first 90 seconds of the interview.
70% of interviewers think that the applicants are too trendy.
67 percent said they’ve had an applicant who didn’t get the job because they couldn’t make eye contact.
When asked how many times a candidate was rejected because they didn’t have enough knowledge about the firm they were applying for, 47 percent said it happened because they didn’t have enough knowledge about the company.
Because of vocal quality and overall confidence level, as well as a lack of a grin, 38% of candidates were not hired.
A candidate was rejected by 33% of interviewers because of poor posture during the interview.
A candidate was rejected by 26% of interviewers due to a weak handshake.
21% of applicants are rejected just because they cross their arm during an interview! Hope you gained some knowledge from these fun facts about resume, HR, interview.

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