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What Should Not Be Included In A Resume?

Things To Not Include In A Resume

Is your resume getting rejected over and over again? There might be some content issues with the resume. The content you write in the resume needs the right approach and curation to attract the HR recruiter. Think practically; an HR recruiter goes through so many resumes in a day. If your resume is not up to the mark, why would they select you for the next rounds of job selection? It is not always related to the skills and experiences in the resume. Sometimes the use of wrong words or formatting can also make you lose a chance to sit for the interview. There are many mistakes that most job seekers make on their resumes. Many are unaware of where they are going wrong with the resume. Reading this will help them and those thinking about writing a fresh resume for the next job application. 

Why is it so important?

Before writing the resume, most job seekers search on the internet to find a generic pattern. While this can be useful sometimes, it can also land you in trouble. Why? Firstly, it makes the resume too common to get attention. And, secondly, you can get wrong information on the internet. Not everything you see is apt for the resume content. Professionals are the best ones to guide you in the matter. However, besides knowing what to include in a resume, it is also vital to learn what you should not put in the resume. Check out the following pointers to mindfully avoid the mistakes of putting them in the resume – 

  1. Elaborating the information

A resume is not a page from a book! Yes, you have to understand that the content has to be specific. The more compact your resume writing is, the better the impact. Never give too much information on your achievements and educational performance. It is unnecessary and irrelevant for the recruiter. Only if the information is relevant for the job you are applying for, include it. But do not make it too elaborate. 

  1. Long paragraphs on your skills and job roles

While it is important to mention your skills and experiences, it can backfire if not done wisely. Mention the skills you have, making you an eligible candidate for the job, but do not write paragraphs on it. The same goes for the job role descriptions. You can use bullets to mention the skills you have, and your on-job role in the previous company. It is unnecessary to write too much about them. It can make the resume long, leading to a rejection. 

  1. Spelling mistakes and grammar errors

Spelling mistakes, typos, and grammatical errors are a big no! There is nothing worse than having a misspelled word in the resume or the inept use of articles. It annoys the recruiter and creates a negative impact. Ensure to avoid it and check it with grammar-checking software or app before sending the resume to the recruiter. 

  1. False information about education and skills

Before sending a resume, the job seeker should check if their skills match the needs. Many candidates write skills that they do not have to land the interview. It is an unwise decision on your part as putting false information on the resume to get the interview can land you in serious trouble. You may get blocked by the recruiter, or banned from sitting in the interview for the company for a period! Thus, avoid these risks and never put false information to secure an interview. 

  1. Unwanted and unnecessary information

Suppose you are applying for a job in the accounts department is there a point in mentioning your programming skills? You may mention it but do not elaborate on it. It will not help you land an interview for the job. If you have skills related to the particular job you are applying for, emphasize those aspects. Use the resume content wisely to make it job-specific and easy for the HR recruiter to acknowledge your capabilities. 

  1. Negative comments on previous job or employer

Putting unwanted and adverse remarks on your previous job roles or employer will not help you in any way. Many job seekers write in their resumes how their previous job role was not up to their career expectations and, they can perform better. Expressing such thoughts only reflects unprofessionalism. So, it is unethical to write such things on the resume. 

  1. A detailed note on extracurriculars and hobbies

Extracurricular and hobbies are part of the resume content. It reflects your overall personality traits. But, discussing them in detail is not a wise thing to do! You need not write which awards you won for your singing or dancing competition unless relevant for the job you are applying for. Mention them in the resume but do not elaborate. 

  1. Salary related notes

Mentioning your last drawn paycheck in the resume is among the worst mistakes! It is wrong and, you should not include it anywhere in the resume. Discussing the salary is a part of verbal discussion. It should not be mentioned in the resume or job application. So, if you have it mentioned on your resume, remove it right away! 

  1. Photographs on the resume

Unless the recruiter has instructed you to attach your photo to the resume, you should not include it. Whether it is your photograph or a picture of your educational report cards, it is a big no. There are a few rules and norms to write the perfect resume and, putting a photograph in the content is against it. So, check the job advertisement to find any instructions related to including your photographs in the resume. If there is nothing mentioned, do not include any pictures. 

  1. References and requests

Putting references in the resume is a sign of unprofessionalism. Most recruiters do not ask for references and, prefer not seeing them on the resume they are screening. Putting notes in the end, like, “reference on request”, can also make you look eager. Avoid this common mistake wisely. However, if the job advertisement mentions the inclusion of available references, you can write the reference. 

  1. Unprofessional email address

Your email address can also create a negative impact on the recruiter. How? There are a few professional standards for creating an email id through which the recruiters will connect to you. Do not use numbers, nicknames, or other irrelevant words in the email address. Create it by using your name and surname to give it a professional touch. You can check the internet to take tips on creating a professional email id and create one accordingly. 

Things to avoid in the resume

All the above-discussed pointer includes what you should omit in the resume. But there are certain things that you need to look out for. There can be more than one mistake that a job seeker may make in the resume. It is better to stay wise and know about them in detail so that you are not one of them! 

  1. Passive voice usage: Using passive voice while writing about yourself or, explaining your skills is a drawback. It is not right to use it in resume content. Remember to keep it simple so the recruiter can read it easily. Passive voice sentences make the writing unnecessarily complex and thus can distract the recruiter. You cannot afford to take such risks. So, write in simple and easy-to-understand sentences with easy vocabulary. 
  1. Wrong use of the pronoun or voice: Writing in 3rd person in the resume can be a negative point. Recruiters do not prefer such sentences where you address yourself with pronouns. So, it is better to be to-the-point and write in bullet pointers. For example, instead of writing “I led a team of ten workers”, frame it like “Led a team of ten”. It makes a better impact and keeps the resume content crisp. 
  1. Lengthy resume content: A resume needs to be compact and appropriate for the job application. You may use relevant keywords and phrases so that it is ATS-friendly. Using long paragraphs and texts to explain your skills and capability is of no use. You should write it carefully by not making the descriptions too lengthy. 
  1. Inapt fonts and formatting: A poor choice of fonts and formatting can negatively impact the recruiter. Keep a subtle style in the format and do not highlight the information unnecessarily. It distracts the recruiter and does not make a good impression. Only highlight the skills and, key phrases matching the job requirements, if needed. 
  1. Generic content on the resume: Copying resume templates and content styles from the internet is a common mistake! It may not be wrong but does not help your cause. Why? Because a recruiter goes through so many resumes in a day. A generically written resume with the same keywords will not catch their attention. So, do not follow the writing style or pattern blatantly. 

How to make the best impression?

Avoiding mistakes is the only way to create a good resume. The content you write in the resume decides your fate in the interview, so you cannot risk it. A professional resume writer can be your ultimate rescuer to fetch the curate resume material. Seek the guidance of the experts so you can secure the next job without worries! 

Writrox – Resume experts at your assistance.

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