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Resume writing trends in 2024

Resume writing trends in 2024

Resumes are the turning point in your career which can either make you stand apart or mix you with the crowd, therefore working on it becomes a priority. As we get close to the start of the 2024 financial year, it becomes a necessity to keep up with the Resume writing trends upcoming in the job market. It refers to going parallel with the new trends and opportunities and staying an edge ahead of your contemporaries.

With the rapid technological advancements in the 2023 job market and the focus on digital presence, recruiters need candidates who can adapt, create, and demonstrate themselves as a brand. The shifts in the ways resumes are presented and crafted mark the need to adopt the recent resume writing trends to be able to showcase your experiences and skills. It has become a necessity to have the trends reflected in your resume and evolve with the requirements of modern trends either by yourself or via CV writing service.

Key resume writing trends for 2024

It is essential to keep up with the resume writing trends to be ahead in the job market. Whether you go for a resume writing service or do it yourself, knowing about the trends is essential.

1. Skills-Based Resumes

2024 is the era of digital presence and the advancement in technologies has demanded job seekers to cut through the gap cripping in digital skills.

  • The focus has shifted to resumes that cater to the display of skills, both hard and soft of the candidate rather than just qualifications.
  • It has been found that there is a significant rise in the creation of learning programs and that 93% of companies look for candidates with soft skills according to the reports published by CNBC on 13 july, 2022.

2. Personalization and Customization

How will you feel when you look for a specific company with certain qualities but all you get is an irrelevant list? The same happens in the case of recruiters: they look for specific skills in an employee.

  • Tailoring your resume according to a specific job has become a trend. You can no longer use the same resume every time but address specific points that are relevant to the job.
  • It is one of the latest trends in CV writing where you customize the CV according to the Job. For example, if the job demands marketing experience, you must highlight marketing skills and experiences.

3. Visual Resumes

What if we tell you that you can create a dynamic, visually striking resume? The change in the trend has come up with the introduction of visual features in resumes to help you with a compelling representation.

  • Add a video introduction to your resume, and links in your portfolio to visualize the experience of the resume to catch the attention of your employers.
  • You can also go for adding bar charts, pie charts or line charts to showcase your skills, the data or growth of the company because of you over time to convey things in a more attractive manner aligning with the new trends in resume writing. 

4. Storytelling Approach

Crafting a narrative of your journey, experiences and skills can be interactive, engaging and compelling which has become a new trend in resume writing.

  • Understand the job description and the requirements and then go on drafting a compelling narrative of your skills and professional experience.
  • Use a catchy headline, and bullet points to highlight your story but don’t overdo it. You can instead consult a resume writer for your aid.

5. Data-Driven Resumes

Don’t have enough skills and qualifications, let the numbers talk! Quantifying your resumes and letting data slide in can be a big breakthrough in getting to your desired company and is another resume writing trends in 2024.

  • Data-driven resumes have more potential to gain the attention of the recruiters as it is concrete evidence to what you say and provide visible proof of your excellence.
  • For example, go for “increased productivity by 20% within a year”, “developed strategy resulting in 30% increase in the conversion rates ” instead of “managed a large team”.

6. Mobile Optimization

With the world synchronizing in the tiny screens of your mobile, you must realize that your CV is no longer looked at only through a laptop but scrolled on mobile as well.

  • It is essential to have your resume fit into the screens of mobile and be visible in any of the Android or iOS devices without any glitches.
  • Edit and format your resume by making it simple, with visible fonts, and a mobile-friendly format to tailor it to the current trends in resume writing and make it accessible for anyone, anytime.

7. AI Integration

With the best increase in the use of AI and NLP tools like Bard or ChatGPT, the use of AI in resume-making has increased rapidly. Around 25% of GenZ already use AI to generate their resume. But, relying on AI can backfire, so a wise use is required.

  • Seeking advice and having a glance at AI-generated resumes can help like you can extract specific keywords from job descriptions and add it in your resume along with formatting it.
  • Also, give your resume a human touch while going for the latest trends in CV writing, by being specific in the use of AI like asking it to improve your existing resume, creating drafts or giving specific pointers
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Practical Tips for Implementation

1. Updating existing resumes to align with current trends

  • Change the format to an easy-to-read format and modern design and avoid extravagant decoration. Try to keep it simple and engaging. For example, avoid colourful borders or over-used graphics and use bullet points and clear headings.
  • Incorporate relevant keywords from the job description so that your resume can be tracked by the applicant tracking system (ATS). For example, if there’s a job description with “management skills”, make sure you highlight your management skills.
  • Go for adding numbers and data to your existing resume to quantify your achievements and skills. This will highlight the impact you make in your roles. For example, add “increased sales by 15% within six months” rather than “increased sales”.
  • You must draft a dynamic summary so that it makes you a brand and highlights your uniqueness. Updating your resume to modern trends and standing ahead of the world is the need of today.

2. Adapting resumes for different industries or career levels

  • Understand and research the preferences of your target industries and craft your resume according to their norms. For example, a designing company may want a more visually appealing resume while an industrial company may prefer a traditional format.
  • When it comes to making your resume adapt to the industry or career levels, focus on emphasizing your skills and experience that are relevant to the target field. For example, if you are targeting a sales field, focus on sales skills.
  • Work on using specific terms and language that resonates with the target field and enrich your resume while showcasing your knowledge. For example, In technical fields, using terms like “programming language” instead of just writing “computer skills”.
  • On the level of your experience and professional career, tailor your resume length. For example, a new employee may have a 1-page resume while a professional may have a 2-page resume.

Dos and Don’ts of resume writing in 2024.

Here’s a table which presents the do’s and don’ts of resume writing in 2024.

S. No Do’s of Resume Writing Don’t of Resume Writing
1. Stick to clear, sophisticated and modern design. Do not overcrowd your resume with excessive information.
2. Get your resume tailored according to the job specification. Going for a generalized resume with customization and specifications.
3. Present and focus on the relevant skills and experience Highlighting the irrelevant skills and experience with outdated information.
4. Add relevant skills and a professional email address for your hiring manager to contact you Avoid adding relevance to your skills and using unprofessional email addresses with the wrong fonts
5. Add the touch of links to your digital portfolio and projects. Avoid adding any false experiences and projects in your resume
6. Include the keywords relevant to your job posting. Going for an outdated and general file format or resume format and not keeping relevant keywords
7. Work on proofreading before submission of resume Including too much jargon, technical terms or hi-fi words.
8. Craft your resume to make it ATS friendly Going for the same outdated resume format which is not ATS friendly.
9. Craft your resume in a short, to the point manner Unnecessarily increasing the length of the resume.


Looking for making changes in your resume to align it with 2024 trends? The sphere of resume writing has undergone evolutionary changes in 2024 which incorporates the blend of creativity, uniqueness, innovation, adaptability, and awareness of the job market and employer’s demands.
Candidates who level up their resumes or resume writing patterns to meet the latest trends are the ones who get an edge over their competitors. If you want to stand apart, you must tailor your resume or you can also consult a professional resume writing service that will focus on crafting an engaging professional resume with striking features to make you stand apart from the crowd.and give you a customized resume consisting of the latest trends and displaying what the employers or job seek.

Rahul Ranjan

Rahul Ranjan is the founder of Writrox Solution Private Limited, a Creative Writing company dedicated to transforming the professional journeys of countless individuals seeking employment. With unwavering commitment, to empowering people in their career endeavors Rahul has played a role in shaping the futures of, over 15,000 job seekers through solutions and strategic insights. It's worth noting that Rahul Ranjan holds a position and has been recognized as one of the entrepreneurs to watch in 2023 among 15 inspiring Indian entrepreneurs.

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