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What Hiring Managers Want to See in Your Resume?

What Hiring Managers Want to See in Your Resume?

Hiring managers do have a lot of pressure from their organization to recruit the right people for the right position. They analyze hundreds of resumes throughout the day, and a resume is the first document they go through for every candidate. It lays the first impression and allows the candidate to impress the employer in the first few seconds. In the future let’s have a look at some of the characteristics that every hiring manager looks for in a resume:

Suitable Length:

As per many experts, one page of a CV is best for a decade of experience. Also, as per the industry, if you are making a lengthy resume, you can not be concise and lay too much emphasis on your former employments that are not relevant now. Look for adequate length emphasizing every section, but it should not be too much. Use online resources like grammarly.com or your word processing program to double-check your spelling and grammar. Show your CV to a friend or coworker for feedback, as these technologies are prone to overlooking details that humans are more likely to detect.

Excellent grammatical and spelling skills

Both serious studies have revealed that perfect spelling, punctuation, and grammar are major differentiators regarding whether a resume is accepted or rejected. One careless mistake can make a big difference in a recruiting manager’s view, especially if it’s their first impression of you. How can you claim to be meticulous or detail-oriented if you can’t double-check your spelling? Mistakes happen, but you should do everything you can to avoid them on your resume if you want to be considered for the position.

Organize Sections

The idea is to make things plain and simple. It is not necessary to have a fancy, professionally written resume, but your resume must be organized in a readable manner. It is suggested to create a tidy, well-organized, and concise design. Also, it should be visually appealing, filled up with modern fonts, simple flow, and white space best usage. Bold, bullet points, section spacing, and font size don’t require a magnifying glass to check. At first glance, it should be impressive.

Specific Job Relevant Skills

You must be precise, measurable, and actionable when adding your experience and accomplishments; simply mentioning your past job titles and day-to-day responsibilities will not be enough. It demonstrates the candidates as they understand the value they are providing to the organization and their willingness to go beyond their abilities to help the organization in succeeding.

As per the industry experts, they do not find any essence in job roles. Rather, they like to hear about your achievements, like how you can improve the department, make any project successful, and create conversions; most importantly, they are interested in knowing what you’re going to bring about.

Practical skills:

The employers are very interested in knowing how you intend to connect to your present job and how you will be interested in creating a friendly environment around and linking your job responsibilities with your skills. Usually, the employer asks their candidates to link up their skills for the situations to prove their abilities. Practical skills are talked about to showcase your successes, talent, and experience to align with the job title.


The days of sending out your resume in bulk are long gone, and it was never a good idea, to begin with. While companies must attempt to locate qualified candidates, you must tailor your CV for each company to which you apply.

Small modifications that emphasize why you are uniquely qualified for the post at X firm and why you would like to work for them — can make a big difference. Consider it equivalent to dressing for your dream job in resume writing. Do you want to work for any company, or do you want to work for this specific company in this exact role? Hiring managers can spot a vague, generic CV a mile away.

Value Proposition:

What are the most significant characteristics you’d bring to the job? Do some preliminary research on the position, the company, and the culture before writing your CV. Make a professional elevator pitch (a 30-second explanation of who you are, what you do, and why you’re the ideal candidate for the job) and prominently display it. Keep this in mind as you write your resume. Are you effectively communicating your potential value to both the role and the company? Are you communicating who you are and why you should be hired over the guy with the 14-page, pasted resume?


Whether you’ve taken classes, are working toward another degree, or have become a regular Quora expert, take advantage of this opportunity to promote any education or certifications you’ve achieved. Many firms engage in employee continuing education. Demonstrating that you’ve already taken the effort and are committed to extending your skillset and keeping on top of your game will raise your worth to future employers and put you ahead of the competition.

Hiring managers do look for certain things in their candidates, and if they can find the same in the resume, he is shortlisted. That’s why every candidate should be precise in keeping things perfect for the future employer.

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