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How to write a winning resume for executive profile /management profile in 2023

How to write a winning resume for executive profile management profile in 2022

Hey there! Showing your skills in the resume in the best possible way can create a strong job profile. You can mention your skills, expertise, and experience to leave a strong impact of yours on the employer.

If you are looking forward to working as a manager, you should always present your abilities and respective skill set. Motivation, leadership, and systematic skills can also work. These will help you in attracting more and more employers and convince them to choose you.

As per the survey done by recruitment consultants, it is found that CVs should not have any typos & grammatical mistakes and have proper detailing on the achievements. It is considered as the most critical factor which determines whether your CV is good or not.

MASTER TIP: Remember to locate the priority information at the start. Other than this, it would help if you put the stuff related to you and your career in the most visible place. It would be best to place it at the start.

For management-related resumes, you can include your concept for an ideal management employee and the work environment. Writing some accomplishments and quotes from others regarding your management skills will leave a significant impact. This gives an additional value to your work history and enhances the relevance of other associative information.

Below, you’ll find detailed information, where you shall get an insight on skills that you need to highlight on your resume. You shall also be seeing some management resume examples for various management jobs (including customer service, finance, human resources, operations, technical, and general management positions). There are also a few valuable tips to help you craft a successful resume.

Things to consider while writing executive profile resume for manager’s profile:

1.List your specific management skills.

The first and foremost thing that companies need is effective managers who can help accomplish their goals and objectives. Managers are the backbone of any company. Management skills are uniformly used across all levels of a company, from human resources to revenue targets.

The managers’ ability to delegate different responsibilities is an essential asset for a company. It gives employees a sense of worth, drive, teamwork, and the opportunity to learn new skills as each goal is met. Business leaders also use their management skills in many areas.

They mainly use it to coordinate employee output with third-party vendors, suppliers, and other external companies to reach targeted objectives.

Here is an interesting tip for you: The best way to showcase your management skills in your resume would be to arrange them in a list, in its respective section, or table at the starting of your resume.

Some of the best titles that we can recommend for this section are: “Key Skills and Strengths,” “Core Skills and Competencies,” “Skills and Qualities,” or “Skills and Abilities.”

2.Focus on keyword phrases that you choose in your resume:

Use an employer’s job listing to get an idea. This will help you in deciding the best skills and achievements that you should mention in your resume. You should present the management skills you possess under the “Preferred Qualifications” section of the job listing you’re applying for. This will help you increase your chances of getting selected.

3.Using action verbs

The language you use in your resume should be active (describing what you have done) rather than passive (what has happened to you). Some action verbs that demonstrate critical leadership skills include: initiated, directed, innovate, originated, guided, coached, led the path, developed, inspired, motivated, established, dominated, achieved, influenced, planned, and forecasted.

Action words for managerial positions that show your ability to manage, delegate and supervise, are: organized, administered, assigned, supervised, controlled, coordinated, oversaw, took charge of, worked, maintained, handled, and dictated.

4.Quantify and boldface your achievements

Throughout the beginning of your resume profile, you need to be sure to describe tangible examples of your careers. Quote some of the best and successful results you have produced during your management career.

executive resume writing services

Different resume formats and templates:

One size cannot suit all when it comes to formatting resumes. The format is variable for everyone. To discover which structure will be the most efficient for you depends upon your level of management experience, your work history, and your industry.

You can opt for CV & Resume writing professionals of Writrox having more than seven years of experience in this industry, and they will be more than happy to help you craft a perfect resume. For example, a management resume for a tech manager would be formatted differently from a factory manager, with sections dedicated to specific technical competencies.

The most common resume formats for a management profile or an executive profile are:

  • Combination Resume – A combination resume is a mix of a chronological resume and a functional resume.
  • Chronological Resume – A chronological resume lists experience in order from most recent to oldest.
  • Functional Resume – In this resume, the attention is on applicable skills and experience rather than a sequential listing of positions.
  • Targeted Resume – The attention is on meeting your skills and experience requirements according to the job listing.
  • Resume with Accomplishments Section – This part is a place to show off your most significant hits in the workplace.
  • Resume with Skills Section – You can incorporate both hard and soft skills in this section.

Resume with Summary of Qualifications – Tell the employers why you are a robust and qualified applicant through this section.

Things to consider while writing a resume for an executive’s profile:

Following the tips mentioned for the manager’s resume, This resume must also contain a resume profile, a brief, an introductory summary of an applicant’s skills, experiences, and goals related to a job opening. A resume profile is also called a “Qualifications Profile.”

It should be more data & facts oriented based on the work you have done. For example, if you have helped in the company’s growth & development, mention how much growth and revenue (in percentage or figures) are increased with your efforts. If you are applying for a marketing executive position then mention the previous results you have achieved like ROI of ads, no of leads you have generated at what CPC, revenue growth, etc.

The candidate must powerfully present all the keyword skills that they possess. This will ensure the resume scores high when scanned by a potential employer’s Automated Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Companies use the Applicant Tracking System to go through resume profiles.

1.Highlight Your Achievements

The candidate’s most impressive accomplishments are quantified by dollar amounts and percentages throughout the resume. They are highlighted in a dedicated section in your resume under the heading “Recent Accomplishments”. This has taken over the traditional “Experience” section. Mentioning these achievements presentably in your resume will help ensure that the applicant stands out among their competition. The most vital accomplishments are highlighted with bold text.

Important achievements are tagged under the “Experience” section to elaborate on the resume. This will once again serve to polish the skill set the person has. It will help to illustrate the impressive contributions he has made to the companies they’ve worked for during their career.

The “Education” section of the resume must strictly talk about the undergraduate and graduate degrees the candidate has earned.

2.Emphasise Your Leadership Skills

Vital phrases included within a Business Executive resume are as follows, “Promoted to lead …,” “directed,” “spearheaded,” “guided,” “pioneered,” “accelerated,” “drove,” and “advanced.” These phrases will help your employer grab an exact idea of what you have done or are capable of doing. This shall increase your chances of getting selected for the job.

3.Privilege Your Most Recent Experience

Most C-level executives have many years of experience. It’s necessary to build a “narrative” that illustrates how one has ambitiously and successfully worked one way up the career ladder. You may use bullet points or lists to highlight achievements & promotions to positions of increased responsibility and highlight authority on your resume.

However, if you have a history of work, which is older than 15 years, it is not necessary to add it to your resume unless a job announcement specifically asks for more than this. There are many reasons behind this being a good idea. Limiting your resume’s experience to your most recent employers can also have its benefits. Many employers are liable to “ageism” – given the choice of hiring a C-level executive who is 40 instead of hiring a 55-year-old closer to retirement.

They might be in the thought of hiring the younger candidate, even if they have fewer years of experience. Younger candidates bring along a fresh perspective to the company. Employers also prefer to hire candidates who showcase a recent history of accomplishment. The successes you achieved right at the beginning of your career are of much less value. They aren’t as important as proving that you are still a highly talented “producer.”

4.Executive Resume Length

C-level job candidates have resumes that are generally longer than the standard one- or two-page length. The reason is that they have a long list of work experience. Hence, three-page executive resume length are acceptable. This shall allow one to present a richly detailed section under the heading of “Accomplishments.”

Being a manager, one usually has a long career. Keeping this in mind, the list of achievements is generally expected to be lengthy. The candidate must present an up to date, yet short resume. It should be up to a point and in a shorter length.

To achieve this, the usage of words and phrases must be done while being consciously focused on the resume. Use the space to mark your best achievement; throw light on the following two. If you have enough area, you may mention two to three more achievements, but it is the best choice to ignore it so that your resume doesn’t seem too bulky.

However, you must remember to give your recruiter all the required details and information. You must necessarily provide them with all the answers that they might want to ask you regarding the qualifications listed in the specific job listings you are applying for through your resume. Remember that this piece of document is not a part of the autobiography of your professional biography. It is meant to be your executive resume.

In other words, one can say that it is a personal marketing document. This document shall be the most effective when it solely lays an eye on your recent leadership roles and accomplishments.

India’s leading Resume writing services by Writrox

If you wish to create an impact on your recruiters, the first thing that you need to address is called “the written resume.” And in today’s scenario, looking for a job can be stressful, and finding ways to stand out from other job-seekers is often tricky.

Everyone says that a resume should be written as a story, an idea with which we agree. But, what does that mean? Your resume achievements should be composed and formatted in such a way that articulates indefinite sections of a beginning, a middle, and an end. It must also include a story climax, where the rising action starts to fall, requiring a solution or conclusion (pivotal moment).

According to most senior executive resume examples, the company and the departments therein may experience several rise and fall story arcs throughout your tenure. As such, your resume should display those mini-stories within the larger one. It would be best if you built up a rapport using both your hard + soft skills to effectuate a financial climb (or rise) in the story arc, culminating in better profitability + market share outcomes than before you joined the executive team.

When it comes to resumes for experts at the top of the pyramid, three things value the most:

a) High Quality, Focused Content

b) Results – specifically Situation->Action->Results

c) Crisp Presentation

Always remember, more is said with less. Numbers speak more than bullet points. We need to convey to the recruiter that we are an essential asset to their company, and they need us rather than us needing the job. Never show your desperation for the job to the recruiter, and at the same time, don’t show them that you are not interested. Maintain a neutral tone.

Senior professional resumes should begin with a clear list of credentials, followed by an amicable link to their online (LinkedIn) profiles. The most recent experience also plays a massive role in the selection of these resumes. We try our best to contain the overview within two pages and ensure that the file talks more about the executives’ most recent (10-15 years) experience.

The resume writing approach by professionals concentrates on the latest trends and what’s in vogue when it comes to top Management professionals & executives profiles and ensures it shows in the developed outlines. The resume written by professionals will provide you with an edge over other candidates applying for the same job.


Hiring professional resume writers have become very relevant in today’s corporate world. Along with industries, candidates require these services. Writrox also provides CV Writing services that will help you qualitatively meet your recruitment needs. It modifies the structure that focuses on the respective industry’s demands and gives you the perfect and selection-oriented resume for an executive or a manager profile.

So what are you waiting for? Just get in touch and book a free discovery call with India’s Best resume writing services in India right away.

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