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Web UI developer resume : User Interface developer

Web UI developer

Web UI developer is responsible for designing and coding graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and front-end user interactions. Much like a web developer, a UI developer ensures that the software being developed is functional, robust, and easy to use. A web UI developer builds, maintains, and troubleshoots programs (applications or websites) that are used by computer users. This can include the elements involved in building a website or interface.  A web UI developer is responsible for creating the user interface for a website or application. Without a UI developer, you wouldn’t be able to interact with the website or program. It’s the main point of contact between yourself and the site or program that you’re using, so it’s important to understand what they do and what they bring to the table.

What are duties and responsibilities of a Web UI developer?

  • Web UI developer handle the user interface of any application. This may be a desktop utility or a website. He is responsible for the visual details of an application as well as its ease of use. For example, if you want your application to be straightforward, easy to use and less confusing, he must make it that way.
  • A user interface developer is responsible for developing the components or interfaces of an application. They might make a website, computer hardware, video game or any number of other interfaces.
  • The UI developer works with the design team to devise information architectures and user interactions that are simple, easy to understand, and easy to use.
  • The Web UI Developer has to keep his team members informed about changes in code that are happening and how it will affect them and which codes should be changed by them at what time, especially in a project with many layers of interwoven coding.
  • The Web UI developer uses the visual elements to create an interface that meets the goals set by the UX designer. Users interact with an interface through a graphical user interface (GUI).

 Suitable format of Web UI developer resume 

 Suitable format of Web  UI developer resume 

Overall, a good UI developer resume should be presentable and clear; it is meant to get a recruiter’s attention and sell the candidate on why they are worth an interview. Be sure to use proper formatting, keep your paragraphs short and simple, and include headings for each section of your work history. Please also remember to proofread thoroughly before submitting an application, as errors can have a negative effect on a candidate’s chances of securing an interview the chronological format is the most common resume format, which emphasizes your educational and employment history from start to finish in reverse chronological order. The functional is usually used by professionals who anticipate large gaps in their job history, typically due to extended periods of time spent at one company and not much experience outside of that setting.

UI developer  job description

UI developer job description in resume should be based on the main job functions, skills and experience that you have from previous jobs. These functionalities are among the most crucial ones, they help you get a job but they are not all of them. There are many other, often not so obvious qualities that we should take into account and enhance. A UI developer creates the form and structure of an application, both in a software environment. They decide on the placement, appearance and functionality of forms, buttons, fields etc. within an app. For more information on how UI developers and designers can help you save money please visit our blog.

 UI developer Education and Training, certifications

 UI developer Education and Training, certifications

The UI design role is a skilled position. Therefore, make it clear to employers that you have the necessary skills to succeed in the role by highlighting your education and online activities. Sharing your knowledge with others via blogs or workshops can be just as valuable as a formal education. Ui developer training is really important to mention in the CV because it attracts the employer while completing the hiring process.

UI developer work experience.

Mention about your  work experience as a UI developer  in your resume. To have a good job, you need a strong CV, which means curriculum vitae, which represents the history of working experience and education. A good curriculum vitae can help get a good job, so it is necessary to tell the potential employer what kind of worker you are at first sight. As a UI Developer, your job is to make something look neat aesthetically and also help streamline processes in the app/game. UI developer training should be constant while enhancing the work experience so that it helps in constant growth.

 Crafting a perfect UI developer key skills and soft skills

The UI developer is an indispensable member of the team who is a jack of all trades and master of at least one. He or she deals with everything from design and implementation to the final testing on multiple platforms. Therefore, the UI developer should be agile, flexible, and able to keep up with fast-paced changes, often under pressure and tight deadlines. Developers with great soft skills can also be excellent paired with code. In our experience, it’s always been better to not sacrifice code for soft skills. 

 Certifications and Achievements for Web UI Developer Resume

UI Developer training certifications can turn out to be a great asset when you are job hunting. Many companies are in search of workers who have these certifications as they generally carry more weight than just an ordinary degree. However, your developer experience and achievements matter a lot more than the certifications. We cannot deny the importance of skills and achievements on your resume. If you go for a design course or being a certified designer, do not forget to mention that in your CV! Because sometimes HR managers may ask for these certificates. Also, be regular and keep constant adding your certifications and portfolio in your resume where you could showcase your designs.


1- How many UI jobs are there in India?

According to linked in, there are over 85000 UI developer job openings in India at present making it one of the most sought after jobs in this field. The trend for this number of ui developer job listings is widening and with time it will surely increase further.

2. What is the minimum salary of a UI developer in india?

The salary of UI developers in India vary depending on their skills, education, work experience, opportunities, location and place of work and UI developer training. The basic salary of fresher or entry level UI Developer ranges from 4 lakhs to 5 lakhs p.a. And the experienced UI developers can have the salary between 6 Lakhs to 9 lakhs p.a


To help you understand the roles and responsibilities of a web UI developer in this blog, we’ve compiled a list of everything they do. This information should be enough to help you know what skills to highlight on your resume. Be sure to follow these tips when writing your resume. And don’t forget to proofread! Mastering the art of resume writing services takes time, but you can do it with a little bit of practice and these tips. A well-written resume is a good way to get your foot in the door, but it won’t guarantee success. In an interview, you will want to give the hiring manager a strong sense of your personality and work ethic. Your goal is to make them want you to join their team more than anyone else that’s interviewing for the job.

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