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LinkedIn Content Strategy


Thinking of LinkedIn to have your brand built and get visibility? One of the most widely attributed platforms for job opportunities is LinkedIn but its importance does not stick to the job! LinkedIn can be used as a platform to nurture your products, gain a wider audience and promote your brand for high traffic.

Further, it allows connection with potential clients, peers, allowing you to have a strong network. LinkedIn sponsored ads and content allows you to create lead generation forms and thus get you some valuable information about the prospects and the different features allow you to streamline your sales process and progress. But how?
For that, it is essential to have LinkedIn learning and plan a well-crafted content strategy for it. We will help you with a guide to make a content strategy for LinkedIn and achieve your goals. First, let’s get down to the importance of having a content strategy.

Importance of content strategy on LinkedIn

LinkedIn content strategy plays a very crucial role in this digital era. The platform enjoys a wide space of audience globally including professionals, CEO, CFO, COO CRO, CDO and hence it is essential to have a LinkedIn content strategy..
  • Reach a wide target audience One of the LinkedIn learning is to know about your target audience. Content strategy on LinkedIn helps you reach a wide audience as it is home to around 1 billion people globally. 
  • Drive traffic to your website On LinkedIn you can easily post your blogs with consistency and gain the trust of  your audience, having them click the links to share, engage and interact with you driving traffic. 
  • Build connection and network LinkedIn serves as home to a wide audience, comprising professionals as well and hence it is the best place to connect with them and increase your networks with consistent and good content.
  • Have organic visibility and brand growth If you want to turn your content into conversions, LinkedIn is a good platform to start. It helps you gain organic visibility by ranking high via your content and letting your brand develop. 
  • Showcasing your expertise on the platform To gain wide reach and huge traffic it is essential to show your viewers the expertise you hold in your respective field. With a well-structured content strategy you can showcase your experience and authority in the field.
  • Establishing relationships and connections LinkedIn is also about building connections with experts and professionals. A perfectly executed content strategy allows you to engage with your audience and develop relationships with them getting referrals.
  • Credibility formation and nurturing When you have a well-planned content strategy, it helps you share high-quality content which aids you in winning the trust and credibility of the audience. They are more likely to rely on you for reliable information.  

Let’s start with the LinkedIn content strategy

1.The objective of setting up LinkedIn

There is always a motive behind any move or progress and if any step is taken without any goal, it is directionless and is determined to get lost. When working on LinkedIn marketing strategy, you must determine your goals on LinkedIn.
  • Identify what you are looking for whether it’s brand awareness, lead generation or awareness for yourself.
  • Having a goal makes you work on growing and achieving the destined purpose of content creation on LinkedIn therefore set achievable, specific, reliable, measurable goals.
  • For example, if you aim to become a thought leader, your primary goal can be identifying your niche and gaining expertise. 

2. Know your audience

The LinkedIn strategy requires the understanding of who your target audience is, to direct the posts to them to make the platform provide the best content to your intended audience. Some of the strategies to understand your target audience on LinkedIn are:
  • You can look at your present customers and determine what they have in common, be it location, job, preference or position.
  • You can use LinkedIn analytics tools to determine which audience (location, industry, position, company, etc.) follows you and visits you. Is it employees? Company managers? Experts? 
  • Know who you want to attend and who visits your profile as understanding your audience lets you frame your content according to what they want to see.

3. Crafting Compelling Content

Next in the LinkedIn content strategy is the art of crafting compelling content. You know your goals, you have determined your target audience, you just need to engage them with your content. But how?
  • To draft engaging content, know what your audience wants to read, see, and are looking for, engage in topics that come under your area of expertise and give deep insights about it. 
  • Go for different forms of content displayed on LinkedIn and aid them with images and other interactive elements. For further any assistance you can also take LinkedIn profile writing services to create the optimum content for your self.
  • Have a mixture of impactful words, data, and questions in your content and keep the headings concise and direct. 

4. Types of content

To level up your reach and engage with your viewers, the next step in LinkedIn content strategy is exploring the various content formats such as articles, posts, videos, polls, etc., and their effectiveness on LinkedIn.
  • Articles: The LinkedIn platform provides the benefit of posting long articles (up to 11,000 to 15, 000 words) if you want to share blog category content. The articles or long posts help you get into more relevant, in-depth and meaningful content which gives the audience the idea of your expertise and works to promote your best content.
  • Newsletter: You can also go for a newsletter if you post an article monthly or weekly. The subscribed users will get a notification when you post a newsletter. The subscription feature of the newsletter allows you to grow a community of subscribers, increase visibility and allows users to react and comment on it aiding user engagement.
  • Polls: Engaging with the audience can also be done by asking them questions and creating polls. This is a great way to interact with your audience and know their viewpoint. It not only makes your profile more engaging and interesting but also increases audience engagement letting you know what they want.  
  • Videos and images: LinkedIn also has the option of letting its users post videos and images. Since it is not similar to Instagram, using images and videos ads variety and an authentic look to your profile. It has been that images and videos are likely to engage more audiences as they are more likely shared almost 20 times more than other types. 
  • Link post: Another LinkedIn strategy is posting link posts wherein you can attach links for your website and here LinkedIn ads imagery from the site as a preview making it engaging. With the help of link posts you can attach your best content from a website, drive traffic and increase visibility of your brand or website. 
  • Short post: Do you want to share a thought, short life lessons, or a beautiful quote? You can easily go for short posts and beautiful ideas, just avoid too much pitching or irrelevance. This type of content helps you establish yourself as a thought leader with one liners or mini-blogs and also drive audiences looking for short, crisp yet informative content.

5. Content best practices

Just going for different post methods is not enough and called LinkedIn learning or work for brand promotion until you post relevant content. Some tips for creating engaging, relevant, and value-driven content that resonates with your audience are:
  • Go for eye-catching headlines that are concise, direct and add visual aids to your post but only if they are closely related to your post and are relevant.
  • Interact with the audience through polls, short question-answer posts or even virtual events that LinkedIn allows.  
  • Keep the content stuck to what the users want to see, removing all the unnecessary, irrelevant parts. 

6. Leveraging storytelling

Compelling content is also created by the art of storytelling. The viewers read it and follow or visit you only if your content hits them. Storytelling here becomes a tool to captivate the readers. 
  • Storytelling makes the content look authentic without the use of AI making it real and human as the wordplay evokes the audience emotionally.
  • The use of a story allows you to state the purpose, vision and mission of your brand which resonates with the audience.
  • It helps you evoke trust, emotions, and loyalty and engagement of the audience with your brand.

7. LinkedIn Optimization

The most important part of the LinkedIn strategy is LinkedIn Optimization LinkedIn optimization which means that every corner of your LinkedIn speaks of what you do, who you are and your expertise. In Linkedin content optimization.
  • For content optimization, you must use LinkedIn ads for relevant searches and boost your organic search.
  • Use prominent hashtags to appear on top of SEO. It categorizes your posts to reach your target audience. 
  • Do not post the same content everywhere, customize your content specifically for LinkedIn to be found there only.
  • Post your content at optimal times when people are likely to watch it for better reach. 
  • Run tracking tools and measure the results of your content strategy to identify its effectiveness.


One of the examples of LinkedIn content strategy is suppose there’s a company named ‘DigiSolutions’. Their goal is to set themselves as Thought Leadership, their content strategy can be:
  • They then begin with creating and posting insightful content on the related terms, trends, digital SEO, etc.
  • Further, they also share and comment on similar news updates or events to demonstrate their awareness.
  • Next, they can post successful testimonies of their works and reviews of happy clients to gain trust. 
  • Next, they can post successful testimonies of their works and reviews of happy clients to gain trust. 
  • Further, they share insights from their webinar and engage with the audience with polls and other interactive content.


If you are to increase your audience reach and at the same time do content marketing, going for LinkedIn is the best place to stop. Going for a LinkedIn content strategy helps you make your content relevant, engaging, and effective, and attract professional attention to your profile.
Investing your time in LinkedIn marketing strategy will not go in vain. But you also focus on other digital platforms. LinkedIn has the potential to help you gain a wide audience, brand awareness, and high traffic, all you need is to be strategic.

Rahul Ranjan

Rahul Ranjan is the founder of Writrox Solution Private Limited, a Creative Writing company dedicated to transforming the professional journeys of countless individuals seeking employment. With unwavering commitment, to empowering people in their career endeavors Rahul has played a role in shaping the futures of, over 15,000 job seekers through solutions and strategic insights. It's worth noting that Rahul Ranjan holds a position and has been recognized as one of the entrepreneurs to watch in 2023 among 15 inspiring Indian entrepreneurs.

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