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How to Write a Perfect CV for Cabin Crew

cv for cabin crew

The whole method to generating or resume the perfect flight attendant/cabin crew includes two examples of CV/resume attendant flights.

Whether you are an airline participant in open day work or apply for cabin crew jobs, it is one of the most crucial aspects of the application process to prepare a professional CV or a resume.

In this post, we will discuss what aviation recruiters want to see on your CV or resume, as well as give step-by-step instructions on how to construct your cabin crew resume or CV to guarantee it is optimized for the aviation sector. We also give some helpful hints on how to format your CV. The CV is used to examine applicants during a Cabin Crew Open Day. The only thing the companies need to determine who gets a second interview is this piece of paper with information on it. Professional resume writing services can bring that extra attention and selections for enhancing your careers.

Important Things to Remember in cv for cabin crew


Some airlines require your height. You should include this in your CV, as well as any other relevant information they have requested, such as your swimming skill, any additional languages you speak, and so on.

Just make sure that if they included it as a criterion in their job posting, you can confirm it in your application. For them, it’s all just a box to check.


Cabin crew jobs, unlike other sectors, require you to attach a photo. It is critical that this photo is extremely professional, a headshot of your face and shoulders, and that you are dressed professionally — it may resemble a passport photo.

The airline is looking for clean and clever people who are eloquent and well-presented – you will go one step closer to your ideal job if you can show it in your photo.

cv for cabin crew

Attire for cabin crew interview

Wear a skirt and matching blazer . shirt should blue, white or beize depending on the matching

Keep it short

One page is adequate for the cabin crew entry position and the Air Hostess CV. Follow the rules and do not include any information that is not necessary.

Instead of going into great depth, include summaries of your job and education. Use formal, well-written language that is simple and straightforward. There will be no slang or abbreviations.

Proof read

Grammar or spelling mistakes are not permitted in a curriculum vitae. You can use a certain spell check or have someone criticize it (available in Word or in pages). It’s a time for a perfectionist!

In each part of the cabin crew CV, I will explain in the following paragraphs what information is to be included and what to leave.

• Cabin crew CV structure & format

In view of the hundreds of applications received every year by airline crews, it is essential to assess how long their employment managers will be time-limited.

You should build and arrange your CV to make a favorable impression that makes it quick to discover the information you need.

Take a look at the image below to get an idea of how you can do this.

How to organize your CV for cabin crew

  1. Personal Details
  2. Add in the starting
  3. Full name
  4. Home address
  5. Personal email address
  6. Mobile phone

Enter a nicknames or screen-name e-mail address, such as ‘Pink girl91@mail.com’ or ‘only4u@mail.com.’ You can make one quickly if you have no email address with your name.

No date of birth, religion, nationality, marital status, or political affiliation should be included or suggested.

2. Professional experience

Start your latest task and proceed in the opposite timeline. Include the work of volunteers or unpaid stages.

  • State Date of Start to End Date – When this job is present, simply complete the date of beginning – present. Include month and year for any prior jobs.
  • Name of company – Use the official name of the company
  • Location of the company: town and country
  • Title of Job – Your formal title of the job
  • Description of employment — Use brief words indicating important tasks, highlighting your abilities and achievements. Include material relevant with sufficient depth to illustrate your abilities, specifics and communication, and organization of your views. Include information in detail. Use bullets and try to stick to 3-4 lines maximum.

3. Education

State just the highest educational level. More certifications can be added here as well. You didn’t have to submit details about high school if you went to college.


  • Dates of attendance
  • School name
  • Location
  • Degree obtained

4. Cabin Crew Skills and Qualities

Many recruiters describe important abilities, which they consider should be a success for candidates. So you should remember that the abilities should be shown on your CV from this job description. Add a new section to your CV so you can find a recruiter right away. Know-how or skill areas for a cabin crew might include:

  • Skilled in X language quantity (then list which ones)
  • Excellent service for customers
  • Outstanding communication abilities
  • Avid team player
  • Professional
  • Highly adaptable
  • Problem solver
  • Organized

cv for cabin crew

5. Interests & Hobbies

Are you interested in having a hobby in your leisure time?

Include this on your resume!

See, you may relate to interests and pastimes. By adding them to your curriculum vitae, you provide the employer an overview of the sort of person you are. Don’t be scared to express your individuality in a world where flight attendants are behind their qualifications.

How are you writing the air hostess CV header?

If employers don’t know who you are, they cannot approach you with an offer for a job. Your CV must always start with your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address in the header section. That doesn’t have to be complicated; you can see how simple this part is with our air hostess CV sample. What is most essential is the accuracy of this part. Inaccurate contact details imply lost employment possibilities.

How do you format an air hostess CV?

Considering that part of the work is a balancing and polishing airline, you must select a CV format that is equal in size and finishes. A stylish template will do your best, but you still have to follow the essential CV-writing structures shown in the air hostess CV sample. Elegant formats give a touch of style to transform your CV into a subtle display piece that impresses with aesthetic flare and does not detract from the whole contents.

Additional tips to create a great air hostess CV

Here are some additional CV tips if you want further advice:

  • The professional summary should highlight the most significant abilities that are useful in your position. In this situation, customer service and communication would be required.
  • Work experience must be provided in chronological order in reverse. The rationale for it is that you want the hiring manager to know right now where you are, rather than where you were years ago.
  • If possible, measurable measures should be included. This implies that you give certain figures and data about what you did while in a job.
  • You can add all your lectures which helped you as an air hostess build abilities. You may add other sections to incorporate memberships, prizes, or honors.

Do you require your cabin crew’s CV for additional support?

If you need further assistance in writing a CV for the cabin crew or believe that you can enjoy our professional CV writing services, please contact the Resume Writing Services in Bangalore. We’re here to help whether you need a cabin crew CV, a stewardess CV, or other airline CVs.

Make sure to include an excellent cover letter with your CV. Learn how to create a fantastic cabin staff cover letter with our tutorial, which includes three cabin crew cover letter samples. Please feel free to use this information to help you prepare for job interviews.

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