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The Ultimate Guide on How to Make a Resume in 2022

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make a Resume in 2023

Are you tired of facing repeated rejections during job applications? Or nervous to send your resume as a fresher? With the right resume, you can eliminate both problems. A resume is the first document that the employer reads. Through the resume content, they can understand if you are suitable for the job profile. Hence, a lot depends on how you present your resume and what you write in the resume content. 

Why Is a Resume Important?

A resume is a crucial part of any job application. You may be a fresher or an experienced candidate. But a good resume can change your fortune. The resume content describes your skills, experience, and professional capacities. The HR recruiter checks the content you provide in the resume and shortlist for the interview. So, making an impactful resume is necessary for every job seeker. 

What are the steps in preparing a good resume?

Many job seekers, especially freshers, struggle to write a resume. How to prepare a resume? To understand how you must prepare a resume, you have to know the associated formats and content guidelines. Firstly, it is not a list of your educational and professional achievements. It is an overview of the skills you have, your professional history, and bits of your personality. So, framing the resume is crucial and needs careful guidance. Following are some of the significant areas in a resume, that you must keep a note of – 

Selecting a suitable resume format

A resume format is as crucial as drafting the content. Why? Think practically. A recruiter checks so many resumes in a day. Before reading the content in detail, the format and layout of the resume make a significant impact. Also, there is a fixed format and layout style that you must follow to maintain the professional appeal in your resume. It is a formal document and needs a careful selection. You can go through the many online resume formats, templates, and, layouts to identify the best combination. 

  • Set a margin on all sides and suitable line spacing
  • Use standard font size, style, and color
  • Keep the page in standard portrait orientation

Focus on the content

The content is the most essential aspect of the resume. If the content is not up to the mark, the chances of rejection are high. Even in the resume header, you have to follow a standard pattern. Write your name and contact details at the start. The email you provide must be a professional one with a formal username. 

  • Summary: The resume summary should be written in a professional tone. Do not make the resume summary unnecessarily long. It should be a small paragraph with four to five sentences. Here you can provide a snapshot of your professional skills, experience, and qualification. You can also use bullets to make it appear distinct from the rest of the content. 
  • Objective: A resume objective is not similar to a resume summary. A summary is where you write what skills and experience you have. In contrast, a resume objective contains your professional aspiration. It is also a small paragraph where you write your goals and why you want to be a part of the company. It is especially effective for those who are considering a career switch. 
  • Work experience: Adding professional experience and accomplishments to the resume is necessary. But exaggerating is a big no. Write compactly the job roles and responsibilities that you have served to date. If you are a fresher, you do not have to keep this content section. Mention the name of the company and your job role with service tenure. 
  • Skills and qualifications: Degrees, skills, and qualifications are crucial and, you must add them to a resume. But you would not want to fill the resume with every skill you know. It is wise to create a specific job-oriented resume where you only include relevant skills that suit the professional profile. Add numbers where ever it is possible in your qualification degree, but do not overdo it. 
  • Other sections: Adding hobbies, interests, extra-curricular certifications, etc., helps establish your profile to the recruiter. If you have done any volunteer service, add it to the resume. It is impactful for freshers and those who are yet to start their careers. 

How to Make a Resume – Professional Writing Guide 2023

Now that you know the things to keep in mind, it is time to follow the steps to write a resume. As a preparatory step, you can make a list initially. Read the job description for which you are making a resume and application. Based on the job profile and requirements, identify the relevant skills you have. Also, enlist the accomplishments, certifications, and information you want to put in the resume before writing it. 

Step 1 – Setting up resume format.

Firstly, set the template and formats in MS-word. Always use MS-word to write a resume. You can later change the file type into PDF. If you want to write the resume content in a ready template, copy it to an MS-word file and check the format and fonts.

Step 2 – Resume content and order

Write the content carefully to avoid missing out on anything. Please do not provide any false information as it can damage your career permanently. Maintain a chronological order while writing qualifications and work experiences. Mention the contact information at the beginning. Do not unnecessarily highlight every skill or accomplishment as it distracts the reader. Follow a subtle tone to make a nice impact on the recruiter. 

Step 3 – Proofread and grammar check

Check the content at least three times to ensure no typos and errors. It is best to run the resume content through grammar-checking software. If possible, take a printout of the resume to check if the formatting style is appropriate. 

Different Types of Resume formats – Which one is right?

PDF or word file, which one is right for a resume? If there is any given instruction on the file type, follow the instruction. Otherwise, it is best to send the resume in PDF format. You can attach the file in the email in PDF version to ensure no unwanted edits afterward.

Commonly asked questions about resume writing.

There are several doubts about resume writing that most job seekers have. Professional resume writing services are the best doubt resolvers with their years of experience and expertise. Following are some of the common questions that you may have in mind. You can clarify them from an expert or look up on the internet – 

  • Should a resume be of a single page?
  • What font should be used in the headings?
  • Should there be any white spaces in a resume?
  • Does the font size have to be consistent?

Writrox – Your ultimate resume resolver

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