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Common Mistakes to Avoid in SOP


Have you ever wondered why, before applying to any university, institution, school, or internship, you are asked to submit a statement of purpose? The concise, short essay that serves the purpose of showcasing your personality, achievements, skills, aspirations and intentions to the admissions committee is called SOP or statement of purpose. It is a crucial part of your admission, besides your interview.

The statement of purpose not only introduces and gets the panel familiarized with you but also works as a conveyor to convince them that you are the only best option for their program. It makes you stand apart from the synonyms crowd by highlighting your uniqueness. Thus, it is essential to know how to craft a well-written SOP no matter whether you are going to tailor it for you or you yourself make sure that there are no mistakes.
In this article, we will be focusing on the common mistakes made by the applicants which make them one with the crowd and lead them nowhere but with blank hands. So, let’s delve into it and explore what to avoid next time you are crafting one

Why is a Well-crafted Statement of Purpose Important?

With the increasing number of candidates with the same profiles, applications, skills and qualifications, it becomes increasingly difficult for the committee to select you, and only one mistake is enough to discard you. A well-structured SOP is a way to make the panel pick you out from the bulk of applications.
  • A strong SOP sets you apart from the other applicants by establishing your value and showcasing your achievements.
  • It covers up for your weaknesses and highlights your future objectives and intention which demonstrates how fit you are for the role. 
  • A well-crafted SOP showcases your goals, achievements, and passion for the field by weaving it coherently and demonstrating your aims. 
  • This is what SOP writing also includes, that  is getting it tailored with emphasis on skills, degree, objectives, and your purpose.

Mistake 1: Not Having a Clear Focus

One of the common pitfalls in crafting an SOP is not having clarity or idea about the idea or theme of writing an SOP which makes the essay look fragmented and uneven.
  • Lack of clarity and the idea hops again and again leads the readers perplexed as the statements are not connected and contribute to the main idea.
  • For example, “I am an enthusiastic student looking forward to growing my passion. I am interested in your program because of its renowned name…”. Here the ideas are jumbled.
  • You must understand the main theme, that is, your objective of writing it and craft the statement of purpose with each para subjected to the central theme.
  • There are various experts who focus on the main idea and give it clarity. Focus on the W’s: Who, What, Why, When and Where.

Mistake 2: Not Knowing Enough About the Program

Why does most of the SOP go to a chunk of useless applications? Because it reflects your lack of knowledge about the institute, or program, it is clear that no thorough research was conducted.
  • It is another critical error that must be corrected to draft any SOP a thorough understanding of the institute to give a concentrated statement. 
  • The lack of knowledge contributes to a generic and mismatched essay, categorizing you as naive and disinterested and making the essay go to all without personalization. 
  • Research the program, courses, professors, and university and find relevant information or relate it to your aspirations to show how to cater for your needs thus tailoring your SOP.

Mistake 3: Not Showing What Makes You Unique

Isn’t it the purpose of the Statement of Purpose (SOP) to make you unique? It is the SOP that gets you out of the bulk and puts you into the category of ‘fit’ candidates.
  • A cliche or general SOP drafts your dull image, which can make the committee fall asleep in the middle and fail to catch their attention. 
  • Not tailoring and working over well-crafted statements of purpose pushes out of the  competitive edge and snatches opportunities. 
  • Thus, you can highlight your uniqueness, experiences, and skills with the help of storytelling methods, data, projects, or research details to make it authentic and unique.
  • Make sure that your SOP does  not become generic and instead emphasizes customized, tailored resumes.

Mistake 4: Poor Writing and Organization

Editing can be a headache but don’t underestimate its impact. Avoiding this minor SOP checklist can seize your chance of joining your dream place.
  • A statement of purpose is also the testament to your writing and organization skills. Neglecting the overall structure and synchronization will make the SOP a piece of unframed thoughts. 
  • The most common mistakes individuals make are using informal language, jargon, abbreviations, punctuation, grammar errors, repetition, overused adjectives, non-coherence, etc. 
  • Revise your SOP again and again to make it flawless, but do it after a day or two of drafting your essay to get your mind clear. It will clear the dull and generic phrases.
  • Having a great SOP will also do the same and try to keep the essay free from any glitches and errors that can lessen the impression

Mistake 5: Not Being Honest

Another mistake that students and individuals often make is being extravagant and giving false information. A Statement of Purpose should reflect your honesty and integrity.
  • It will create a bad impression if they verify your SOP or you fail to keep up with what you boasted about yourself and also damage your credibility. 
  • Instead, go for an authentic, genuine, and modest display of your achievements without being boastful, as it creates a positive impression and builds trust. 
  • The work of SOP is to present your crystal clear image with no falsehood or wrong, keeping it simple and modest.

Why You Need SOP Writing Services: Making Your Application Stand Out?

SOP writing services are essential for crafting a standout Statement of Purpose (SOP) that effectively highlights your goals and qualifications. In today’s fiercely competitive environment, a well-written SOP can significantly boost your chances of success in your applications. These services provide invaluable support by helping you organize your thoughts, polish your writing, and ensure your SOP grabs attention, ultimately streamlining the application process and enhancing your overall prospects.


Crafting a SOP can be a strenuous task, but with a well-crafted Statement of Purpose, you can increase your chances of booking a place in your desired institute, company, or university. Neglecting to tailor your resume, being extravagant and dishonest about yourself, avoiding the C’s like concise, clear, concrete, poor structuring and proofreading, exceeding the word limit or cutting through the organization guidelines are some of the mistakes that you must avoid while drafting your resume.

Adhering to a well-crafted resume helps you align and resonate with the administration committee and secure your place. By paying attention to the structure and details, you draft your narrative, which highlights you. The article provides you with an easy-to-understand guide to understand the value of a strong SOP and avoid common loopholes while creating one.

Or why not seek external help, You can have your resume done with the best SOP writing services and stand apart. So, let’s start today!

Rahul Ranjan

Rahul Ranjan is the founder of Writrox Solution Private Limited, a Creative Writing company dedicated to transforming the professional journeys of countless individuals seeking employment. With unwavering commitment, to empowering people in their career endeavors Rahul has played a role in shaping the futures of, over 15,000 job seekers through solutions and strategic insights. It's worth noting that Rahul Ranjan holds a position and has been recognized as one of the entrepreneurs to watch in 2023 among 15 inspiring Indian entrepreneurs.

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