Tips to help you make your LinkedIn profile stand out

A LinkedIn profile should be polished, professional, and dedicated to showcasing your qualifications as a startup founder. To represent your most recent accomplishments and experiences, it should also be updated freque

When putting up your LinkedIn profile, it is very important to avoid cliches and make your profile stand out. focus on highlighting your unique experiences and skills.

 Tips to help you make your LinkedIn profile stand out

It's crucial to include the right image in your LinkedIn profile for a variety of reasons.In the first place, a decent profile image can make it simpler for potential clients, consumers, and partners to recognise and remember you.

Add an appropriate image

As LinkedIn is a forum for professional networking, it is crucial for a business like yours to promote itself in a manner compatible with its sector and target market.

Pick an industry that makes sense

Overall, changing your LinkedIn profile URL can help make your profile more easily accessible and professional-looking, which can be beneficial for networking and job-seeking purposes.

Change your public LinkedIn URL

Being innovative with your LinkedIn interests can help you position your startup as a well-rounded, knowledgeable, and intriguing organisation, which can help you draw in new business.

Get creative with your interests

You might be surprised to learn that hiring managers look into the groups you're a part of, so it is recommended to avoid joining any you don't need.

Pick your (public) groups carefully

Pick your (public) groups carefully