Difference between Chronological and Functional Resumes

Chronological Resume

A chronological resume is written in the reverse order of your employment and experience. Hence, your most current job would be displayed before your past jobs.

Functional Resume

Professional expertise, credentials, and certifications take centre stage in a functional CV. Describing your abilities to complete assignments with time, deadlines, and success rates.


A chronological resume will showcase the career reverse path from current to past.  While Functional resumes start with contact information and then move on to skills & capabilities to give them more preference.

Primary Focus

Your abilities and professional history will act as a development engine on a chronological resume.And for a functional resume, an individual resume prefers to highlight your skills and ability to carry out job obligations.


Each resume format has advantages and disadvantages.Although the majority of recruiters, HR divisions, and employers are accustomed with chronological resumes, they could view functional resumes as disorganised or lacking in detail.